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Just a little life update!!

 Well, good afternoon everyone!       What a lovely, pleasant Sunday afternoon :) and a fabulous few months I've been having, which is why my blog has been getting neglected :(....sorry!! But I'm back to business now and ready to get some more reviews and maybe a few tutorials up on my blog! So my good news is that I've been off visiting Canada, getting engaged and starting my theatrical special effects makeup course!! So Canada was fabulous, totally think I might move out there in the coming years!! Especially if I want to pursue a career in makeup!! Think of the job potential that is in that country!? I had a blast, visiting my family, enjoying new food and seeing new cultures :D. Loved it! While I was there my boyfriend of 7 years decided it was time to get engaged so he proposed and of course I said yes!! So I am now on the hunt for the best bridal products and makeup looks for my big day!! Here is a potential bridal look or maybe just an excuse to wear re

Kiko Cosmetics Review

Evening Lovelies So....I have finally gotten round to writing this review on KIKO MAKE UP MILANO . Firstly..a little about the company " KIKO MAKE UP MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group. It is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women, and even men, of any age"....AND they are cruelty free :D!!  My first impressions of the brand is very positive. I love the packaging, it looks really exotic and luxurious. The feel of the outside packaging material is slightly thin feeling but what do you want for something you end up throwing away anyways. The product packaging is absolutely beautiful and very well thought out.  I will continue with all the pros and cons throughout the rest of the review so keep reading ;)  Here's the link to the website that I purchased

My Kiko Cosmetics just arrived!!

So I've been waiting a week or so for my Kiko Cosmetics to arrive and today they finally came!! Woop woop! I've never tried these before so looking forward to testing them out! Also the prices where very friendly on my purse this month. So over the next couple of days I'm gonna be putting these products to the test and will be back sometime at the weekend with my reviews ;). Tempted to maybe even make a video review.....haven't decided! Later lovelies xx Thanks for reading Embur xx

NAILS, NAILS, NAILS............

Good evening everyone!! Just thinking of some new posts and I thought I would share with you what I do for a living and that happens to be nails. I'm a fully qualified nail technician and a trainee makeup artist. I'm starting my theatrical and media hair and makeup course in September and I am SOOOOO friggin excited!! Can't wait to get my hands dirty ;). Any hows I'm not fortunate enough to get to do nails as a full time thing at the minute so I also work in a cafe which pays the bills :). I'm hoping to get fully qualified in makeup and open my own business one day...but in the mean time I'm blogging to keep myself in tune with the industry and current affairs in beauty, makeup and nails. So I thought this would be a good time to do a little humble showcase of some of the nails I've done :). Here I have used BarryM in " Rose Quarts" . This shade is VERY similar to the very sold out Katy Perry polish " teenage dream " ....just sa

Mariah Carey for OPI 3 favourites...

Hey Hey Everyone!! So I gave in and bought myself a few colours from the Mariah Carey collection by OPI. I got Can't let go ( purple ), got your number ( blue ) and stay the night (black with red glitter) . All three colours are in the new sand effects formula. I like this formula but its NOT outstanding! The purple and blue shades applied lovely. Only needed 2 coats but the black applied patchy and slightly uneven but with 3 coats it worked out fine. I also found it took quite some time to dry but that could have been my impatience as I was trying to get all my swatches done in one sitting lol. Once dried I quite liked the glitter matte effect they left but I love glossy nails so ended up applying a top coat....4 coats of top coat lol. This formula eats top coat...prepare to be applying a lot of it!!! I used Poshe fast drying top coat :). Even though it took a while to play with I still like it and Stay the night was defo the colour that drew me into the collection...not Ma

Kat Dennings inspired makeup...

So..was going out last night and I had been watching 2 broke girls before I started getting ready. I admit I've a bit of a girl crush on Kat so it only felt right that I tried her signiture look!! Ive also been getting bored of my usual go-to makeup looks so I fancied trying out the dark lips and cat liner....I loved it!! Got sooooo many compliments from my friends and i felt really good!! So thank you Kat Dennings for inspiring me to try this dark,sultry look lol :p.   I know the photo isn't great but this was just a fun post. Think I'll re-do it though for some fun!! :D 

Flower power....

In my last post I said I was thinking of doing more nail tutorials ( seeing as nails is my profession lol, makes sense ) so I have been busy practising my freehand flowers. These flowers are something ive wanted to learn for ages and now im sooooo happy ive finally learnt the right technique!! So I hope you enjoy as much as ive enjoyed doing them!!! If you would like some step by step pictures...then let me know ;) Thanks for reading! Embur x

Halloween 2012......Dead Doll Tutorial

Hi Everyone! This is just a quick post about Halloween 2012...I really wanted to show you guys my costume :D. I have always loved Dead Doll costumes and makeup ( not the figurines), so for this look I was going for a china doll/dead doll/dead little girl but with a Harlequin/Gothic twist! I had to dress up for work so below is two different days. The first three pictures are of my practice run, which turned out excellent!! But when it came to Halloween morning I didn't give myself enough time so the finished images are more rushed. I hope you enjoy this post anyways and I will happily make a video tutorial for this look if I get enough people wanting it ;) These are some pictures I took when I was doing a "practice run". The eyebrows covered SOOOO much better in the practice run than on the day I wore this look out (typical)....  This is a terrible photo in general but my eyebrows started to come away within an hour of being in work :(... lol. Th

Welcome 2013!!

Hi Everyone!! I know, I know,  it has been a very long time!! Apologies... life got in the way but I'm back and ready to start blogging again!!! Yay!! Things to look forward too are nail designs, makeup looks and tutorials and I might even throw some life stuff in there as well!! But keep checking this space for new reviews and updates and we'll be rolling again in no time :D xx Laters Peeps xxx