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Mac Madness...

Hey Everyone!!                         Well I'm back with a new review of the new Mac Cosmetics goodies I picked up yesterday!! I had a lovely amount of Debenham beauty card points to use up before they expired so of course I had a nosey round I knew I wanted to try one of the mineralized blushes so I instantly fell in love with "New Romance". It is a soft pink with a hint of peach to it and is very light. In the swatch it is darker but on the cheeks it is just gorgeous. It has a lot of shimmer in it, not big chunks but enough that you could over load on it. This shade is perfect for us paler girls who run away from dark berry or bright purple/pink shades (or maybe that's just me). Saying that, this would still work for darker skin tones as it would work as a highlighter more than a blush. You could also use it over a different shade if you want more colour as it is a very soft, light pink. You can clearly see I am pretty pale lol but this is a gre

Lush Haul Part 1!!

Hey Everyone!!                              I'm back with a quick look at what I treated myself to from the Lush Boxing Day Sale! I love Lush Cosmetics so knowing that my favourite Rose Jam shower gel was gonna be in the sale, I just had to get one!! So of course I got a 500g size and I do not regret it lol. Rose Jam smells like strong Turkish Delight and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Next up is the So White shower gel which I had bought a smaller size of before Christmas and just fell in love with the crisp apple scent this gel has. Really refreshing and pleasant to use. Snow Fairy I believe is everyone's favourite from what I have read in other blogs. I personally enjoy the scent but it is far from my favourite. It smells like sweets, very, very sweet and candy like. I do enjoy the scent and look forward to using it in the summer but I can see myself getting sick of the scent. Celebrate is my first body lotion from Lush Cosmetics. I generally find Lush lotions over pr

#LIPHUG!! Makeup Revolution

 Hey Everyone!                         Well I'm just gonna get straight to it today ;). About 3 months ago I decided to try the new Makeup Revolution #LipHug lipsticks. These lipsticks remind me of others like Revlon Lip Butters and Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks. I own several of the Revlon Lip Butters and 1 of the UD Revolution lipsticks. Honestly I like them all! So when I seen these I just had to try them as I love these types of lipstick formulas!! So I debated with myself long and hard to try and pick the best colours for me and decided on "Love Can Set You Free" and "When You Came To Me". These are both nude pink shades with "Love Can Set You Free" being the darker, more pigmented shade. Both are very wearable and definitely great everyday shades, almost your lips but better kind of shades but not quite that natural :D. The staying power on these lipsticks I found were actually really good, for a product that costs only £2.50 they last a g

I'm Back!! Finally

Hello Everybody,                          I hope you have all been keeping well. It has been a very long time since I last published anything on my blog. I believe my last post was full of promises which I did intend to keep but my life took a very bad turn and I just didn't have the time or emotional energy to fulfill any promises. I don't really want to share too much about my lose but it was a great lose to me and my family. I have taken the past year to really just get back to normal life and find emotional stability again so I'm finally feeling a lot more like myself these days :). I can finally say I think I'm ready to get back to blogging...yay!! In other news I changed jobs and am now able to blog and what not during my shift which is awesome!! So I really have no excuse anymore lol.                        Coming up I have some Makeup Revolution products I want to review and maybe a post on high street prices vs high end prices and if the quality really is