Kat Dennings inspired makeup...

So..was going out last night and I had been watching 2 broke girls before I started getting ready. I admit I've a bit of a girl crush on Kat so it only felt right that I tried her signiture look!! Ive also been getting bored of my usual go-to makeup looks so I fancied trying out the dark lips and cat liner....I loved it!! Got sooooo many compliments from my friends and i felt really good!! So thank you Kat Dennings for inspiring me to try this dark,sultry look lol :p.

  I know the photo isn't great but this was just a fun post. Think I'll re-do it though for some fun!! :D 


  1. I was looking for Kat Dennings inspired makeup and you nailed it. Thanks <3

  2. Thanks! Glad my blog helped :) x


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