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So....I have finally gotten round to writing this review on KIKO MAKE UP MILANO . Firstly..a little about the company "KIKO MAKE UP MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group. It is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. Safe and effective products of the highest quality, created to satisfy the beauty requirements of women, and even men, of any age"....AND they are cruelty free :D!! 

My first impressions of the brand is very positive. I love the packaging, it looks really exotic and luxurious. The feel of the outside packaging material is slightly thin feeling but what do you want for something you end up throwing away anyways. The product packaging is absolutely beautiful and very well thought out.  I will continue with all the pros and cons throughout the rest of the review so keep reading ;) 

Here's the link to the website that I purchased my items from

All these item where on sale so I got them at around 50% of the normal price so go check the site out now before everything is gone!!!!

I used all the product below to achieve this look. The colours I chose are all natural pinks so to fit into my everyday looks and routine.

This is the sun bronzing blush Marine Coral. This is a 3 coloured bronzer but I found it better as a warm blush and highlighter. This product is very similar to Mac Face powders, maybe slightly more pigmented but you could still use the lightest shade as an all over shimmering powder. 

I adore this packaging. There is a compact mirror inside and you just feel like your holding something a LOT more expensive than it actually is!  The only downside to this product was it had a LOT of fallout and dust so be careful of your clothes when using
The normal price for this item is £13.90 and I got it on sale for £6.90...That's an excellent price compared to the price of the face powders that MAC Cosmetics sell.
Marne Coral - they don't have individual shade names but I have swatched each shade separately and then swirled them together to create the overall blush shade that I'm loving. You can see how natural and flush these colours are and how diverse they can be. 
Lip Volume Lip Plumping Cream £6.90. This lip plumper is NOT like other plumping products. It does Not have a tingle..woop!! Although I do like a bit of tingle because it feels like the product is working lol. Anyways, this is a lovely cream to wear. I've been applying it before I start my makeup so my lips are ready for lipstick. I haven't noticed any difference in the shape or volume of my lips but I have only been applying it as a night cream and before I apply my lipstick. The plumping effects should be more noticeable if being used continuously 
Long Lasting Lipstick in shade 01. The shade is no longer available on the UK site but I think it was called  Tea Rose because I remember thinking it sounds like one of the e.l.f cosmetics mineral lipstick names lol. Anyways, this lipstick was a little brighter than I thought it was going to be but I played around with it and made it work for me.  Below is the swatch I did.
The colour is a peach coral shade and I think it really suits my paler skin tone and seems to bring out the green in my eyes. The texture was shiny to start but it dried to an almost matte finish which I wasn't expecting. I find matte textures always make my lips look drier than they actually are but once I had a play, I found that I actually really liked this one. It's staying power was about 3-4 hours but that included drinks and eating. For a cheaper product that isn't too bad for staying power. It also looks great with a clear or shimmering gloss over the top ;). 
Pigment loose eyeshadow £2.90 reduced from £5.90 - Shade in 31 Radiant Freesia . On the website this looked much darker than it actually was when it arrived so I was a little meh about that but I had a play and realised I could work with it and that I didn't have a shade like this ( I try really hard to pick different shades so I don't have 3 that are all similar lol ). On the eyes this shade is 2 toned and very pale, so for dramatic looks I'd recommend applying it over a primer or darker shade to enhance the shade. Otherwise, if you like a more natural summer look then do what I did and wear it alone. It has a lovely tone to it and is very flattering on those less is more days ;). 
Sorry this swatch does not capture the true multi-tonal effect of this shadow but it does show  it's base colour very well.
3D Eye Lift Eyelid Serum £4.90 reduced from £9.90. So funny story about this product...I didn't pay attention to the fact that this is an EYELID serum and I had been using this as an UNDER eye serum lol but I was very impressed by the affects it had on my undereye area but I found it very sticky once it had dried and then I read the box and realised it  was actually an eyelid serum/primer lol. Although I started out using it wrongly, I think I might keep using it on my undereyes because I really noticed my fine lines and dark circles had lessened but it also worked extremely well as an anti-aging serum/primer. I'm in my late 20's now and I'm starting to notice things are just a little bit lower than they used to be lol so I'm definitely looking out for some excellent anti-aging products!!! 
Here's another picture of my full ace look achieved with all these products. 

Overall, I think these products are very good! Very well priced, good quality, Italian made with a luxurious feel to them. The colours are good, modern , fashionable shades with very good pigment quality. The wear time was average. I wouldn't say these products will last throughout the entire day without a touch up or re-apply but if you use a good primer and setting routine I could see them stretching if you know the tricks :).
I will definitely be buying more from Kiko in the future but not for a while as I have enough makeup to do me for a now lol.

Thanks for reading

Embur xx

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  1. so light and pretty on you! love that lip color!

  2. Love the look of that bronzer/blusher :) x


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