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So I gave in and bought myself a few colours from the Mariah Carey collection by OPI. I got Can't let go ( purple ), got your number ( blue ) and stay the night (black with red glitter) . All three colours are in the new sand effects formula.
I like this formula but its NOT outstanding! The purple and blue shades applied lovely. Only needed 2 coats but the black applied patchy and slightly uneven but with 3 coats it worked out fine. I also found it took quite some time to dry but that could have been my impatience as I was trying to get all my swatches done in one sitting lol.

Once dried I quite liked the glitter matte effect they left but I love glossy nails so ended up applying a top coat....4 coats of top coat lol. This formula eats top coat...prepare to be applying a lot of it!!! I used Poshe fast drying top coat :).

Even though it took a while to play with I still like it and Stay the night was defo the colour that drew me into the collection...not Mariah Carey lol but it turned out to be my least favouite and most hassily shade! Although, with that...I got loads of compliments on my nails that week :). Got your number is my favourite colour...I just love the vivid and brightness of this shade!
The rest of the collection I found a little bland...lovely shades but nothing I've not got or seen before so I  didn't feel the need to have any of the other shades except for one which is called a butterfly moment. I absolutely love this is a pretty,peachy nude with a pearl effect through it...absolutely gorgeous!! I have no photos to show of this shade yet as I've not taken photos of it on....but I will!!!
Overall I think I got the best and most unique colours from this collection and I am happy I did but I wont be rushing out to get loads more of the sand effect polishes....3's enough!! But I am excited for the Oz collection coming to me soon!!!!

This is Got Your Number with a top coat over it. As you can see it smooths down the surface and sets nicely on this shade.
Unfortunately the top coat does not seem to look as smooth on Stay The Night but I eel this shade  is lovely without the top coat anyways. 
Stay the night - With Flash
Stay the night - No Flash
Got Your Number - No Flash
Got Your Number - With Flash
Can't Let Go - with flash
Can't Let Go - with no flash
Can't Let Go 
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