Halloween 2012......Dead Doll Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

This is just a quick post about Halloween 2012...I really wanted to show you guys my costume :D.
I have always loved Dead Doll costumes and makeup ( not the figurines), so for this look I was going for a china doll/dead doll/dead little girl but with a Harlequin/Gothic twist! I had to dress up for work so below is two different days. The first three pictures are of my practice run, which turned out excellent!! But when it came to Halloween morning I didn't give myself enough time so the finished images are more rushed. I hope you enjoy this post anyways and I will happily make a video tutorial for this look if I get enough people wanting it ;)

These are some pictures I took when I was doing a "practice run". The eyebrows covered SOOOO much better in the practice run than on the day I wore this look out (typical)....

 This is a terrible photo in general but my eyebrows started to come away within an hour of being in work :(... lol. These things happen...

I have some black lenses in, in this picture which would have really added to the creepiness if my eyes weren't already dark lol.

This is me with full costume and dry ice bubbling away while posing like a mo fo in the middle of work!! Good Times :D

I have always wanted to try the glue stick method of covering eyebrows so this was in all honesty, my very first attempt!! I was pretty impressed in my practice run but definitely give yourself more than an hour to do this look if you need it to last all day. I also wish I had off stuck with the purple lips rather than the red lips because I think the purple gave a much more Gothic effect.

Thanks for reading!!

Embur xx


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