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Welcome 2018

Welcome 2018! I have finally gotten round to this blog thing again lol. I missed it and I'm hoping to make more time for it this year. I've really just been off being a mum and other general life stuff so I don't really have a big dramatic excuse lol. I feel that in my absence a lot have changed, especially with me. I haven't really posted anything in about 2 years and in that time I have grown more and my taste and attitude has changed so as a result I feel that my past posts and content really aren't me anymore and I have picked up quite a few more hobbies along the way, other than just beauty and nails, so I think an overhaul is due on this blog. I intent to keep up with the beauty products that I'm finding interesting at the time but throwing in a few of my new hobbies. I'm currently learning to dress make and crotchet at the minute so we'll see how that goes lol, I  may even show you some bit along my journey :D, along with a few other bits an