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Just a little life update!!

 Well, good afternoon everyone!       What a lovely, pleasant Sunday afternoon :) and a fabulous few months I've been having, which is why my blog has been getting neglected :(....sorry!! But I'm back to business now and ready to get some more reviews and maybe a few tutorials up on my blog! So my good news is that I've been off visiting Canada, getting engaged and starting my theatrical special effects makeup course!! So Canada was fabulous, totally think I might move out there in the coming years!! Especially if I want to pursue a career in makeup!! Think of the job potential that is in that country!? I had a blast, visiting my family, enjoying new food and seeing new cultures :D. Loved it! While I was there my boyfriend of 7 years decided it was time to get engaged so he proposed and of course I said yes!! So I am now on the hunt for the best bridal products and makeup looks for my big day!! Here is a potential bridal look or maybe just an excuse to wear re