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Waka Waka!! Fozzie is here!!

As I was on a role today with my Gonzo tutorial I thought I'd record Fozzie Bear while I had everything set up! I only used the Urban Decay NAKED palette for this tutorial so if you have this palette or even the NAKED 2 palette you will have no problems recreating this look!! This is more of my everyday colours that I would wear to work and out into town so its a very easy to wear look and compliments all skin tones ( Even my boyfriend said my makeup looked good today ;) dont be afraid to try it out!! Here are the images I took of the look to give you all a better idea of the colours! :D P.S I did not intend to have a Kermit mug in the background!! lol Thanks for watching/reading Embur x

Gonzo....the crazy Muppet with huge eyes!!

Well Gonzo is here!! I kept it simply with this look because I dint want to over do it with to many colours. I wanted to keep it true to Gonzo's colours!! The Video is live at  . You will find all my other videos here as well1 :D There is 2 more to come from the Muppets Series... Look forward to seeing Fozzie Bear and Animal!!! Below are some pictures of this look as my camera isnt as good of quality as other beauty guru's on youtube! These pictures will give you a better idea of colours!! It would be amazing if you guys could give me some feedback!! It would help me decide what to do next and help me see if you are enjoying my videos!! :D Thanks for watching/reading  Embur x

New family members....

Got some new additions to the family today. Meet Matilda and Sylvester!! We got them from the cats protection and they are just a delight and fabulous addition to our house!!  This is Sylvester and he's only got 3 legs! Such a lovely wee man!! Just loves to cuddle This is Matilda. She's being a little slower coming round to me and the house but once she has I know she'll be a wee gem!!  Embur xx

Take it away Estee Lauder....

Heya!! Well when I bought my Double Wear foundation I also bought a really nice makeup remover. That is Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover. This is for all skin types and it will remove all long wearing makeup and mascara products. Is has a very pleasant cucumber scent and is of a creamy lotion consistency. It has not dried my face out and has left my skin feeling really soft. Apply it either with a cotton pad or your fingers. I applied it with my fingers all over my face and wiped most of it off with a cotton pad and then followed with my hot cloth cleanser to clean my skin. This is a very good makeup remover but it is not a cleanser. It is only meant to remove your makeup not clean your face, which it does very well but you really need to wash your face after just so your don't breakout in spots. A good cleanser I would recommend is the Boots No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser...I just love it!! I have a review coming up on it soon! Anyways...This remover is a very good p

Estee lauder Double Wear foundation....what a gem!!

Hey y'all,  Well I have finally decided to purchase a new foundation as I am sick to death of trying every foundation on the market under £10 and none of them giving me the staying power and coverage I want!! I work in a busy cafe and need my makeup to stay where I put it in the morning! Most of the other formula's I have been using have good coverage but they just don't stay decided to splurge on a nice shiny new foundation and chose the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place makeup and I haven't regretted it!! This is a creamy, thick foundation but it dries to a semi-matte finish and is OIL FREE!! So those of you who are anything like me and their t-zone gets shinier by the minute when the hotter weather comes in will find this to be a gem on their skin!! The pros : It has very good coverage. A very small amount goes a long way, so this will last you a very long time. Probably between 4 - 6 months. There is a very big range of shades. Oil Fre