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Hey Everyone!!

                        Well I'm back with a new review of the new Mac Cosmetics goodies I picked up yesterday!! I had a lovely amount of Debenham beauty card points to use up before they expired so of course I had a nosey round I knew I wanted to try one of the mineralized blushes so I instantly fell in love with "New Romance". It is a soft pink with a hint of peach to it and is very light. In the swatch it is darker but on the cheeks it is just gorgeous. It has a lot of shimmer in it, not big chunks but enough that you could over load on it. This shade is perfect for us paler girls who run away from dark berry or bright purple/pink shades (or maybe that's just me). Saying that, this would still work for darker skin tones as it would work as a highlighter more than a blush. You could also use it over a different shade if you want more colour as it is a very soft, light pink.

You can clearly see I am pretty pale lol but this is a great example of the shade. It looks slightly powdery in this swatch but it applies very good and is easily blended and you really can't over do it as it is so light.  It leans more to the peach side in this picture but the pink comes out more on cheeks. 

Next up I got the Pro longwear spf 10 foundation in NC15. I'm lucky enough that I know the assistant that helped my at the counter yesterday so I had said to her that I was looking for a matte finish foundation that will last most of the day and doesn't cause me to get oily throughout the day. She immediately recommended this foundation due to her personal experience with it. I'm really impressed already. I admit I have only had it on for a short time but I can already tell this foundation will work for me. With some other foundations I tried in the past that claim to be oil free and mattifying, I would notice that within the first 20 minutes my skin can start to get shiny and oily. This is staying strong and my skin is matte and shine free!! I applied it with a beauty blender and it went on soo nicely and I only had to use 2 pumps worth of product. I was also pleasantly surprised that this product came with a pump! My last foundation I got from Mac didn't have a pump with it and I remember being really disappointed by that lol. So the pump is a bonus!!

 I took several images to try and show the true shade. These are all in natural light next to my window so I guess you can't get any more accurate than that lol. I didn't go crazy with my makeup today so all I have on is my pro longwear foundation and New romance blush and a little mascara.

I hope this modest review helps any of you lovelies who are looking for something new and I'll be back soon with a new post :D

Thanks for reading

Emma xx


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