Lush Haul Part 1!!

Hey Everyone!!

                             I'm back with a quick look at what I treated myself to from the Lush Boxing Day Sale! I love Lush Cosmetics so knowing that my favourite Rose Jam shower gel was gonna be in the sale, I just had to get one!! So of course I got a 500g size and I do not regret it lol.

Rose Jam smells like strong Turkish Delight and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

Next up is the So White shower gel which I had bought a smaller size of before Christmas and just fell in love with the crisp apple scent this gel has. Really refreshing and pleasant to use.

Snow Fairy I believe is everyone's favourite from what I have read in other blogs. I personally enjoy the scent but it is far from my favourite. It smells like sweets, very, very sweet and candy like. I do enjoy the scent and look forward to using it in the summer but I can see myself getting sick of the scent.

Celebrate is my first body lotion from Lush Cosmetics. I generally find Lush lotions over priced which is why I've never had one before so when I seen this at half price I just had to grab it. This one was the last one!! Woop! Its got a very fresh, citrus scent to it and is very moisturising on the skin. I did notice that it sat on my skin a little longer than I like but still left my skin soft and subtle, so no complaints.

Last but not least I picked up a Snow Fairy Sparkle! This is a massage bar or at least that is how I've been using it. I simply just smooth it over my dry skin and rub it in. The instructions for this were to squish it in your hand to release the glitter then rub it over your body. I think that is a waste of product! That to me would suggest you only get one use out of it and at £4.95 that's a very expensive one use. I paid half price for it so was around the £2.45ish mark. So although my method may not be the glittery, massage mess that I was instructed to have, I am very happy with my method and the product will last a lot longer and makes it's better value! This massage bar carries the same scent as Snow Fairy shower gel.

I got a few other things but I'm gonna save those for part 2 of my Lush Sale Haul!

Thanks for reading!

Emma xx


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