Take it away Estee Lauder....


Well when I bought my Double Wear foundation I also bought a really nice makeup remover. That is Estee Lauder Take It Away Total Makeup Remover. This is for all skin types and it will remove all long wearing makeup and mascara products. Is has a very pleasant cucumber scent and is of a creamy lotion consistency. It has not dried my face out and has left my skin feeling really soft.

Apply it either with a cotton pad or your fingers. I applied it with my fingers all over my face and wiped most of it off with a cotton pad and then followed with my hot cloth cleanser to clean my skin.

This is a very good makeup remover but it is not a cleanser. It is only meant to remove your makeup not clean your face, which it does very well but you really need to wash your face after just so your don't breakout in spots. A good cleanser I would recommend is the Boots No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser...I just love it!! I have a review coming up on it soon!

Anyways...This remover is a very good product. For £20 you get a 200ml pump bottle and you will not use very much of this product so it will last you a long time. It is also perfect to use as an eye makeup remover as it won't irritate your eyes. The smell is fresh and has a hint of cucumber but it doesn't overpower your senses like some cucumber scents I have smelt in the past.

Although this is a pricey item, it is definitely a good choice for anyone who wears long wearing products all the time and finds that they need to cleanse maybe 2 -3 times before their face is actually wiping clean.

Embur xx


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