March Favourites

Good Morning and Happy Easter!

   I wanted to share with you all the things I've been loving this month and most of the new year.

March Favourites : From top Left :- Aveeno daily baby wash, Becca backlight primer, The body shop Argan butter, Lush Rose Jam shower gel, Philip Kingsley elasticizer, Garnier Ambre Solaire sensitive spf 50+ , Becca ultiamte coverage foundation, Tarte quench lip rescue and Becca undereye brightener. 2018 dairy organiser (gift)

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation in the shade cashmere :- I'm in love with this foundation!! Its no joke, the coverage is fantastic. I find it very easy to apply however I do find it best applied with a damp beauty blender. Tried applying with a brush and found it left my face a little streaky so beauty blender all the way!! This foundation has fantastic staying power and I have noticed it never seems to settle in my fine lines.  I purchased this in a set from QVC UK which isn't available anymore however the single item foundation is still available for £41.00 + p&p. and £34.00 on ( best shopping around for the best price) Some reviews have said they find this dries too quickly and so they can not get an even application I have never found this to be the case and my skin type is oily/normal/dehydrated combination ( what a mouthful lol) .

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme Foundation  in shade :- Cashmere, a fair to light shade that is neutral to warm toned find it at and 
Becca Backlight Priming Filter. This is a beautiful illuminating primer that you apply before your foundation. This has a real GLOW but once your foundation is applied the glow becomes more subtle. I find with my skin its too much on its own so I always have to apply foundation after but it is designed for that, some people might find this a great illuminater to mix with their moisturiser to give an added radiance. This does not break me out or irritate my skin. I do find that my foundation goes on smoother and stays better when I've applied this first. This was in the same kit as the ultimate coverage foundation and is currently £28.50 on + p&p  and £32.00 on ( again shop around)  

Becca Backlight Priming Filter :- Illuminating 
Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Quench Lip Rescue . Another must have for any makeup bag! This little tube of wonder is so thirst quenching for your lips that it really does live up to it's name! I can get super dry lips all year round to the point of cracking ( ugh)  and they can become very painful. This little wonder does everything I need it to do and has really helped my lips become soft and stay soft, Again I purchased this from and it came in a trio for £29.52 + p&p. The colour is described as subtle but I do find these to pack quite a punch! This will give your lips a lovely tint and you probably wont need any other colour on with it. The one downside with this product is simply that I wish they'd make a clear shade so that I can wear this to bed! other than that I'd highly recommend giving these a try. 

Becca undereye brightening corrector.
  Another wonder product and a must have for anybody out there not getting the sleep they need ( I'm looking at you new mums ) so good I have two of these in my backup stash. This is an undereye concealer that I apply under my regular concealer as this is an illuminating product and just hides those tired eye bags and brightens up the eye area. It can be worn alone or just under foundation but this product is much lighter than my skin and quite illuminating so I find it too light to wear as a single concealer or alone. This can also be applied to the brow bone. The product is a sticky formula that doesn't seem to dry , which is why I think its best to wear under regular concealer as this will help your concealer stay in place and hopefully not crease or sink into any fine lines you may have. I got this in the same kit as my other Becca products that I have above but this retails at £18.00 + p&p at and £24.00 at . Shop around to find the best price for you . 

Becca undereye brightening corrector. 

Now lets move on to some of my skincare, body and hair care favourites.

Aveeno baby Daily Care gentle wash :- I'll confess this is a favourite I use on my son. He's had eczema since he was about 12/13 months old and had suffered with it for a good part of a year. I'm pretty fussy about what I use on my child's skin in general and I'll admit I'm not keen on a lot of the popular baby skincare products that are widely available. When dealing with eczema or any sensitive skin condition you quickly learn about the ingredients in products and start to find things without fragrance and other irritants. This Aveeno baby range is raved about in the States so when it hit UK shores I had to try it! and I'm really impressed. This did not made my son's skin any worse and over time his eczema has eased off and fingers crossed, gone for good. It never caused him to breakout or have itchy bits like before. So I would highly recommend this to anybody who's children or even themselves that may have eczema or very dry, sensitive skin. I purchased this in and I believe it was on offer at half price for £2.99. 

Philip Kingsley elasticizer :-  Geranium and Neroli Limited edition scent. For somebody who has very fine hair I find a lot of products to heavy for my hair and always weigh it down or make it really greasy the day after washing. The Philip Kingsley Elastacizer is great for fine hair like mine because it adds a good bounce and softness to the hair. This is a pre-wash hair mask that you apply onto damp mid and ends of the hair then clip up and relax for 10 - 20 minutes or overnight, then rinse and shampoo and condition as normal.Such an easy product and your hair is left looking like you have just been to the salon. I use this 1-2 times a week or when I'm out for the evening. This range has other scents along with the original scent and is available in different retail stores across the country and direct from for £31.00. 

Lush Cosmetics Rose Jam Shower Gel :- Rose Jam shower gel! I don't know if this really needs me to sing its praises as I'm well aware this is a favourite among Lush Cosmetics shoppers. This beautiful scent is a limited edition scent that comes out every year for the Christmas season, I believe there is a bath macaroon that has the rose jam scent but the shower gel is limited. Every year this is on my list, it's a scent that I just never get bored off so when the boxing day sale comes around I have several of these in my basket to keep me going throughout the year. Check out some of the other lovely products that are available at

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive advanced dry touch mist SPF 50+ :- Since becoming a mum I find myself out walking during the day a lot more than I used to and as I am getting older and becoming more aware of  signs of ageing I did a little research and discovered that we should all be wearing an SPF of some description every day to help from premature ageing and skin damage. I'm also pretty freckly so I need to keep my freckles covered especially in the strong summer months. I chose this as I have found SPF in the past to be too heavy for my face and leave my skin feeling very heavy and greasy, some have also made my eyes sting and water but this Garnier one is very light and can be sprayed over the face before applying your makeup and will not leave your face feeling greasy for heavy. You can use this all over the body, this is not just for the face. I think I'll be trying a mineral SPF when this is finished and see which one I prefer best for my skin type but until then I'd definitely recommend trying this one. I purchased this from for £7.00.

The body Shop Wild Argan Oil Sublime Nourishing Body Butter :- I never used to get on with The body shop body butters in my 20's and I think it was simply because I didn't need them. Since having a baby and turning 30 I have noticed my skin has become a little drier, especially in the colder months. So when I seen this huge 400ml tub in the January sale I thought I'd give it a try. I have not regretted it! This huge tub has been keeping my skin hydrated all winter and I'm only half way through the tub. This is perfect just after a bath or shower and directly applied to dry bits when your skin is still a little damp. I love this for my legs and upper arms! This one is also perfect for the whole family as it has quite a neutral scent so the men in your life may enough this one too. This 400ml tub retails for £30.00 but is currently in the sale for £20.00 and you may get even more discount off by signing up to the loyalty card scheme they have. Check it out at

Last but not least I have to mention the beautiful 2018 diary ( pictured in the top photo) I received at Christmas from my friend as my secret (or not so secret) Santa gift. I had the intention to look out for 2018 diary so that I can keep track of my hobbies and blogging schedule this year so when I received this I was sooo happy and I love the design on it, just makes me feel so summery and gets me in the mood for the hotter weather!!

That's my favourite's for March 2018. I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments session .

Thanks for reading Emma xx


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