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Good Morning Everybody!

I am back with a little review on a couple of items I purchased a few weeks ago from a lovely little shop on Etsy. The shop name is " The Little Green Soap Company" and they hand make natural  products with a good range to choose from. They are based in the UK and everything is very affordable.

A little background to what I was looking for:-

Every winter I suffer terribly with very dry, hacked, chapped skin on my finger tips and it can really affect my mood and activities throughout the day. I have mountains of lotions and hand creams but none really ever soften or take the problem away. It usually subsides as summer approaches but come Halloween and the chill starts again, well hello chapped hands. In the past I have bought heavier creams and balms but they always left my hands way too greasy so they were never a practical option, especially when your a mum. As I'm on a bit of a natural and organic switch up at the minute I decided to try The little green soap company and purchased the Elderflower Balm and Rose Maroc Body Butter and I haven't regretted it :).

They arrived lovingly wrapped in tissue paper with beautiful little labels and I also received a gorgeous sample of the chamomile soap, which is fab!!

                               Left to right :- Rose Maroc Body Butter and Elderflower Balm.

The Rose Body Butter is absolutely divine. The smell is very subtle and not overpowering. Anybody who finds rose scents too heavy and maybe causes headaches, this should be just right for you. The consistency of the butter is perfect, it's not too thick and not too runny. This to me is more of a whipped texture which I always prefer. It can be applied any time of the day as I have found it to sink in well. It doesn't sink in completely and disappear like a lotion might but it won't leave you feeling sticky or heavy. I have applied this in the morning and can feel a lovely soft veil on my skin still at dinnertime or at night as a relaxing treatment straight after a hot bath. I have also found it to be a great hand cream that complements the next product in this review..

The Elderflower Balm, the star of the show, my new hand saver and maybe life saver as its made such an improvement to my hands. On first application I noticed a big chance in the texture of my skin. I found that it softens the hands very well and all the little bits of skin that I felt snag and catch on things has gone! After my first application I decided that as its a balm it would be better as a night treatment, so that night I applied it again last thing and woke up with the most softest and healed hands. I honestly couldn't believe it! I've been fighting this problem all winter and really wish I'd have purchased this back at the start of the season. The texture is balmy and will feel greasy for a short time while it soaks in, for this reason I find it makes a better overnight treatment but that also gives it several hours to work its magic! However if you have a little relaxing time then apply this when and however you wish. This also worked its magic on my lips!! and can be applied to any dry patches that it may be needed for :). I have continued to use this every night and my hands have never looked or felt better. The scent is also very mild as its a natural scent from the elderflower in the product so it will not overpower you or be too strong throughout the night.

Both these products have good for you ingredients and do not contain harsh, unnecessary ingredients, they also come packaged in very cute, recyclable glass jars with tin lids and Kraft paper labels, I would highly recommend checking them out at :D x

I have a list of the items I plan to purchased next time. I will absolutely be trying the lavender balm  and I think I'll pick up the cleansing oil, facial serum and rose maroc body oil!!! I cant wait :D

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to writing my next post for you all! Have a lovely week

Emma xx


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