Gonzo....the crazy Muppet with huge eyes!!

Well Gonzo is here!! I kept it simply with this look because I dint want to over do it with to many colours. I wanted to keep it true to Gonzo's colours!!

The Video is live at http://www.youtube.com/user/Emburx?feature=mhee . You will find all my other videos here as well1 :D

There is 2 more to come from the Muppets Series... Look forward to seeing Fozzie Bear and Animal!!!

Below are some pictures of this look as my camera isnt as good of quality as other beauty guru's on youtube! These pictures will give you a better idea of colours!!

It would be amazing if you guys could give me some feedback!! It would help me decide what to do next and help me see if you are enjoying my videos!! :D

Thanks for watching/reading
 Embur x


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